Terms and Conditions and FAQ

1.How does speed dating work

Speed dating is basically the opposite of online dating , where you meet face to face first in a safe and fun enviroment and get to meet new people on a one on one basis in a series of 5 minute dates and then only select your matches online the following day


2.How old are the other speed daters?We run events in a variety of age ranges, Generally we limit the age range for any one event to a maximum of 10-12 years.

3.I'm just outside the age range specified for an event. Can I still attend?You will not be turned away from an event if you are 1-2 years older or younger than the specified age range. You are most welcome to join us,. Please respect that other guests attending the events will be expecting to meet people within the specified age range.


 4.Who goes to events

The majority of people who attend events are professional people. Mostly people come to Smartdate events because it's an alternative to picking up or being picked up at a club. In addition to that, most people are very busy and don't engage in sports clubs etc that would allow you to meet new people. If you're looking to attend an event, other people just like you are too!


 6. What questions should I ask when participating

at a speed dating event ?

You have 5 minutes – use it well.

Decide before you arrive: What matters? What kind of person would you like to spend more time with?

In order to create a real and authentic connection with a person one it is recommended not to ask about a person’s work or where they stay

Think up some unusual and fun questions before the event to ask each person

Some examples:

  • How would your best friend describe you

  • What makes you happy

  • What makes you laugh

  • What do you do for fun

  • What’s the most adventurous thing you have done


6. How does the matching work ?

At the end of the event you will hand in your match card with the people you have selected to match with , the following day you will receive an email with contact details from your mutual matches as per below 




7.How do refunds work ?

Speed dating if an event is cancelled more than 7 days in advance a refund will be granted, all other types of events are outsourced and therefore are non refundable 



By booking for one or more of our online speed dating events you agree to the terms and conditions below and our privacy policy


1.) Registration and Payment.

In order to participate in our online speed dating events you must first register online and make payment. Your participation will only be confirmed via email once payment has been received. Payment must be received within a minimum of 24 hours before the event. You will receive a confirmation of your place in the event via email.


2.) Participants

Each participant must be single and must register in his or her age category. If you do not meet these conditions Smartdate may refuse your registration.

We guarantee a minimum of six dates per event. If this number is not reached the event will be cancelled and participants will be asked to register for an alternative event.


4.) Refunds 

Once you are registered and have paid for an event, no refunds are possible. This includes cancellations, technical issues and non-attendance.

If Smartdate cancels a speed dating event you can choose to re-register for another speed dating event of your choice or get the sum refunded. You will be notified about this with sufficient time.


6.) Liability

 If inappropriate behaviour is experienced, we ask that you please report it as soon as possible to the Host or and appropriate and appropriate measures will be taken

Smartdate has the right to deny anyone access to its events without being accountable. Including but not limited to:

-inappropriate behaviour toward the host, participants or employees

-distributing personal data of other participants

-any reason the host deems sufficient. He / She is not obliged to mitigate this.


if a person is denied access to an event He / She is not entitled to compensation of any kind or to a refund of the event registration fee.



By Booking for one of our events you agree to the privacy policy below and our terms and conditions.

 1. Your personal information

When registering for an event you will first have to create a user profile the following personal details is required to register for an event

First name 


Email address 

Contact telephone number

Place of residence


Date of birth


By registering with Smartdate you give permission for Smartdate to keep you informed of your booked event and upcoming events and offers you might be interested in.


2. The use of cookies

The website uses cookies you can disable these in settings of your browser


3. Processing of your personal data

​Smartdate will never pass your personal information onto to a 3rd party without your permission.