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I had a wonderful experience, I met him at the very first event I went to, he was the first man I had the opportunity to speak to, after we spoke even while we were speaking I felt something interesting, kind of like I knew he was the one anyway, we started dating after that and have been seeing each other ever since and its still going great, Smartdate is a wonderful way of meeting great and interesting people. I loved the experience Thank you!


I attended a Smartdate Speed dating event over 8 years ago where I met my wife, we are married and now have 2 children , whilst I will no longer be attending your events I would still like to stay on your email list as it always makes me smile , as reminder of where it all started


While hosting speed dating at Steamworks a few years ago I was approached by a couple proudly showing off their wedding rings saying they had met through Smartdate this made my night 


Why Smartdate

No more walking into a bar feeling like a prize winning horse on display and wasting time on people you have zero in common with 

our services attract professional singles of difference ages and provide a great platform and way for you to meet in a fun and unique way 

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